Woodburners / woodburning and multifuel stoves at great prices in Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire

Pembrokeshire Stoves sell and install highly efficient and affordable woodburners/woodburning and multifule stoves across Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. We have unbeatable prices on all of our stoves, call Robin on 01239 821166/078 1234 6780 for more details.

This section of the site is intended to give you some information on wood buring stoves and an overview of stove models that we stock.

Which Stove?

In order to turn the gasses trapped in wood fuel into heat, logs must be burnt between 800° and 1000°. The amount of heat given off in a clean burn at this temperature is incredible. In stoves without cleanburn technology it is possible to reach this temperature, but to do so the air feeds have to be wide open and much heat is lost up the flue and fuel is burnt very quickly.

I have tested many ‘clean-burn’ stoves. In most of the models at the cheaper end of the market I am yet to see cleanburn technology work effectively. Pre-heated air travels through large channels over a short distance rather than smaller capillaries or a long distance, and does not get hot enough. As with more basic designs, the primary air feed has to be left wide open to get a clean-burn resulting in wasted heat.

Stoves we sell

Efficiency: The British designed and built Burley are by far the most efficient non-boiler stoves on the world market and work incredible well when dry wood is used. Koppe’s Caron Aqua is one of the most efficient boiler stoves.  Like the Burley, it reaches an astonishing 89.9% and the heat exchanger above the fire box in both stoves reduces the flue gases to less than 200 degrees C when burning at full power. Koppe have also produced a revolutionary non-electric, blackout proof pellet stove called Gravity.

All rounders: Woodwarm stoves are built like tanks, are highly efficient (the new range run above 83%) and have a huge range of boilers available.  Woodwarm stoves have been designed for British fuel and unlike the top brand European stoves have a double glazed windows in the door that really do stay crystal clean even with wood that is not perfectly dry. DeanForge stoves are also very well built (a new acquisition – more info to be published below shortly). The latest Dean Forge and Woodwarm models have some of the most channelling in the pre-heated air wash, thus improving performance as well as the view of the fire when using wood seasoned in the UK.  The Chilli Penguin (made in Wales) combines the best of all worlds, it is efficient, well made and has the option of a top oven.

The stoves we sell have received some of the greatest online reviews and are a dream to use.  We are only willing to recommend products that will get the best feedback.  Pembrokeshire Stoves also offer a range of well constructed stoves to accommodate low budgets, please call for details.

The special features that make our stoves stand out are explained in more detail in the links below.  The information should help identify what is most important to you, so right choice of stove can be made.

Why not install a Lohberger cooker as a super-efficient room heater that you can use to cook, bake and roast.

Lohberger Cookers

Dean Forge Stoves

Koppe Stoves

Burley Stoves

Cera Stoves

Chilli Penguin Stoves

Woodwarm Stoves

Merlin Stoves

Lotus Stoves

We will soon be including detials of the Lohberger cookers like the affordable Lohberger Rega and Lohberger LC80 range.  They build super efficient cookers that can be cooked on and in (the oven) within minutes of lighting the fire. Call or email for more details. I have one at home and two in the showroom.

As well as the above, at Pembrokeshire Stoves we are very happy to supply any stove at a competitive price. The following list includes stoves that we can get hold of.

  • Franco Belge
  • Aarrow
  • Esse
  • Morso
  • Dovre
  • Clearview
  • Stovax
  • Charnwood
  • Range Cooker stoves – Including the Europe wide famous 84% efficient Lohberger LC80 with optional boiler
  • Jotul


If you would like to see a Burley, Woodwarm, Deanforge or any of our other stock stoves in action, or find out about installation and discount prices, call Robin to arrange to visit our showroom in Cilgwyn, Pembrokeshire.