Our Services

At Pembrokeshire Stoves we can help you chose the stove that will serve you best, install an efficient and long lasting flue system and show you how to get the best out your new or old stove. We are happy to announce our new logistics partner Go Panda removals Cardiff.


Pembrokeshire Stoves is run by a single experienced HETAS qualified engineer. The person you meet during the survey is the same person that orders the materials, installs, tests and explains how the stove works. We have access to stove installation components that are among the best quality on the market, providing the greatest lifespan possible.

All stoves in the showroom are now available at prices lower than those found in online stores and even larger discounts on stock clearance stoves.  Call Robin on 01239 821166 / 07812346780 for more info or to arrange a visit.

 Flexible liners that will last!

The 904 and 316 grade Midtherm flexible flue liner we use are the thickest on the market.  At .12mm they are 1/5 thicker and therefore should last at least 1/5 longer than the nearest competitors.  The Midthern 904/904 comes with a 25yr guarantee.  An equivalent top quality 904/904 grade liner for example being only .1mm thick would last approx. 5 years less.

The three most important aspects of our installations are:

  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. The user


During every installation we make sure that the appliance and flue pipes are the required distance from combustible materials. The system is fully sealed with rope and/or fire cement and a carbon monoxide detector is fitted. The flue and stove must have access points for regular cleaning and servicing.


The appliance must have the best possible draw in order for it to be burned efficiently. The height and diameter of the flue, insulation around the liner and the appropriate cowl for location, play a crucial role in achieving a clean and efficient burn.

The User

The efficiency, safety and satisfaction of solid fuelled appliances are greatly increased with simple advice given to the user. Costumers must be fully aware of what fuel to burn and how to burn it. A detailed explanation as well as a fire lighting demonstration ensures that the user has the best possible chance of :

  • Benefiting from increased fuel efficiency and greater warmth a correctly used solid fuelled appliance will provide. Burning wood at a high temperature (around 1000° C) in a clean burning stove for example, will ensure that all the gasses are turned into heat rather than escaping as smoke. The difference in the amount of heat generated by a ‘clean burn’ is incredible. The customer must understand exactly how to achieve this in their new stove.
  • Ensuring that problems do not arise from poor burning techniques, maintenance and service.

Stoves & Repair

We strive to stock affordable quality stoves that are the most efficient on the market.  Take a look at what our research team have uncovered on the stoves page or at the showroom, open by arrangement.  We also service existing stoves.


Reducing damp is essential in living in a healthy environment and will reduce heating costs. Damp walls absorb heat as the moisture evaporates. It is common for chimney stacks to leak and cause damp in walls. We have perfected a very affordable system for making chimneys watertight without the need to take the entire chimney down. We can also advise on effective damp proofing systems for other areas of common damp problems.

Windkat Cowls are the best static anti-downdraught cowl I have ever come accross.  It really can solve problems with smoke blowing back and fires not burning well, in an instant.  Click on the link below for more information.

Contact us for a price (we will try and beat any price)



At the same time as investing in a stove or chimney liner it is worth considering improving insulation, reducing draughts and damp problems. Pembrokeshire stoves are able to advise on a large number of insulation options and can point you in the right direction in making big improvements often at little cost. For more info, just call us or drop us a line.